Lower your Nets Week 5

I have made mention in the last 4 weeks,how I would like to give back to at risk young women, since I used to be one.  Some day I may get an opportunity to do just that.  What I have been discovering through this study, is that God wants me to make a difference right where I am.  I have also mentioned that I am a supervisor working for a state court in Southern Ca, where there is a distinct seperaration between church and state.  I am finding that I can still share my faith, it just needs to be done by way of my attitude and behavior.  I have had many opportunities to share with different individauls at work about this Bible Study, and how it has really made a difference in my life.  I find that I can say yes to God right where I am.  I have been on Dave Ramsey’s fianancial plan for several years now, I mention that because I hope to retire from the courts in 6 years, having paid off my mortgage and student loans.  If the Lord wants to use me right where I am for the time I have remaining, than I must be obedient to help my co workers with their attitude and behavior.

The Lord is good, all the time, all the time, the Lord is good.  We tend to forget that when life is not going according to our plan.  Through this study, I have come  to realize again, it is not my plan, but his plan for my life.



2 thoughts on “Lower your Nets Week 5

  1. Yes you are so right the Lord is good, the Lord is great. God will use you when you say Yes to God. Let your light shine and others will see Jesus through your actions and attitude. Thanks or sharing lower your nets.
    Marilyn V (OBS Group Leader)

  2. I am at a different stage of life — my body is restricting what I can do. My mind is arguing with my physical conditions. This often happens as we age. But I can still sew and I am finding ways of being obedient to the Lord by sewing. I have a younger friend who helps many missionaries with things they need. She has inspired me to do sewing for some of them. I am happy to do this as I am able. God still has things for me to do.

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