Week 2 blog hop radical obedience

I can say with my whole heart that God has really convicted me on many things in the last 21 years that I once thought were acceptable in terms of the books I read and the TV shows that I watched.  I know God is still doing a work in the subtle things.  I still enjoy reading a author who writes really good books, but does throw the occasional bad word that I know I should not be reading.  In my defense, I read these book on very  few occastions now, however I have not completely erased them from my life.  If I were to go through the 5 question filter, than I know I need to completely give them up.  her last book, I downloaded to kindle and bought the hard copy, and have yet to read it.  I think I am pretty close, to not buying them at all.

I made a decision when my daughter was young, that I would not rent any movies that were rated R.  It was tough for a time because there were movies out that colleages at work were watching and I felt I was missing out.  My daughter is now 17, and has been exposed to many undesireable things at school, and yet I beleive I should stick to my PG13 decision.

The thought of readical obedience used to cause my rebellious nature to come out, but the more I have seen evidence of Gods great love for me for me, the more I have realized it is the least I can do for him.  Living a more holy life now does not cause me to feel that I am missing out on things, as it used to.  Living a more holy and obedient life now causes me contentment and peace.



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